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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Is there a Just Been Paid scam?

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Is there a Just Been Paid scam?

Confused? Let me explain.
My research on this program brought me to 2 main conclusions: 1. Just Been Paid, like all the similar programs, will run out of money eventually and won’t be able to pay its customers anymore. When that will happen, the program will crash with the people’s cash in it. But, from my estimations it will only happen after 2017, at least.

My second conclusion is: JustBeenPaid is legit and paying people huge amounts of earnings for 2 years now, and will continue doing so until the program will crash, Until 2017 at least.
So when will JustBeenPaid crash?
From the vast research I made I assume that JustBeenPaid will crash in 5 to 7 years from now. Meaning Just been paid will continue paying people money until at least 2017. So there is a lot of money yet to be made with JustBeenPaid.
Luckily, I am ranked 2nd in the search engines for JustBeenPaid. So If Just Been Paid will start declining, I will notice it and will warn all my followers.

How did I reach my conclusions? This is the huge research I made on-line before I joined Just Been Paid:
1.In my research I checked reviews of the program in forums and “anti-scam sites” and they all gave a good  review telling that this program is legit.
2.I made a full background check on Frederick Mann (the founder of the program) – which is a professional Internet marketer and investor. that wrote a few books on this field(his books are selling on Amazon).
3. I checked to make sure that this is a real company. This is a registered company in USA.
4. I checked with several friends I have which are using www.JustBeenPaid.com, already withdrew money and earned cash from JustBeenPaid.com.
5. I read a lot of blog posts on JustBeenPaid and they all said that Jss Tripler is not a scam.
6. Just Been Paid has a registered patent in the united states.
7. I checked the traffic ranking and the amount of visitors their site is getting. They already passed all the previous similar programs and ranked 350 in alexa! which makes it the biggest program in the world of its kind!
So all my research made me come to a conclusion that there is no Jss Tripler scam.

As you can see, this program is constantly growing since it was opened.
Do you have to invest money in order to earn using JustBeenPaid?
No, every member on Just Been Paid receives free 10 USD when opening an account. No credit card needed! Just email.
Do you have to refer people to earn money with JustBeenPaid?
No, You will get paid no matter what. No referrals needed.
If you will have referrals, you will earn more. But, you don’t have to.
What makes JustBeenPaid survive longer than other similar programs?
There are several reasons that make this program more sustainable:
  1. Just Been Paid was founded with a solution to every problem the rest of the programs had. The founder of this program is so sure of his program that he offers ONE MILLION DOLLAR to anyone who will find a weakness in JustBeenPaid.
  2. With the new money the program gets – it pays other members.
  3. JustBeenPaid is continuously growing. By 4000 new members every day!(and growing!)     So the program gets more and more money every day! Which the program can give to its members.
  4. This program is placed 300 in the amount of monthly visitors out of all the websites in the world. And growing. This is the highest rank this kind of program ever got!
  5. The founder – Frederick Mann is the owner of a lot of different programs, so all of his programs support each other. Making them all – more sustainable.
  6. This program has a “restart” feature which gives it more cash when it needs. The “restart” feature turns some of your Jss-Tripler positions into “Jss positions”. The restart feature gives the program more money to pay its members right now, but actually increases your profits in the long term.
  7. The synergy surf program earns a lot of money from advertisers and this is used to pay the members of JustBeenPaid. the money is earned using a traffic exchange system.
Can I earn some money before the program will crash?
Yes! A lot of money. Just been paid has a calculator on its site to show you how much cash you can earn. I started with 1000 Dollar 1 year ago. And now my account is paying 220 U.S dollars every day! 6600 USD every month.

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How does Just Been Paid and Jss Tripler work?

Just Been Paid is composed out of 3 main programs.
  1. The main and top earning program is called Jss Tripler – this program gives you 2% earnings daily on every position you buy for 75 days. Every position cost 10 Dollar. For example: let’s say you buy 5 positions for 50 Dollar. You will get 1 Dollar(2% out of 50) every day for 75 days. In sum, in 75 days you will get 75 Dollar. Meaning you earned 25 Dollar in 75 days. 25 Dollar are 50% of your investment!
    ** You can earn even more by reinvesting every money you get daily. It is called compounding. **
    But, that’s not all! After the first 75 days, your “Jss-Tripler” positions become “expired” and for every 4 expired positions you will get one position called: “Jss position”, Every Jss position worth 60 U.S Dollar.
    So actually you get another 15 US Dollar for every position you own. So in sum – you buy every position for 10 USD and get paid 30 USD for every position.
  2. Another program is Jss synergy surf. Using Jss synergy surf you get paid a lot of 
  3. “Jss position” – as mentioned on the 1st section of this paragraph for every 4 expired “tripler positions” you get a “Jss positions” which worth 60 U.S Dollar. You can also buy a “Jss position” for 20 USD.
My personal experience with JustBeenPaid
I was suggested to invest in JustBeenPaid from a close friend, Being so afraid of a Just Been Paid scam It took me 3 months of research until I was convinced and got inside the program.
During these 3 months, my friend has earned a lot of money. so obviously I am very disappointed I didn’t act fast enough. :-/
But now, after a year, I am thankful to my friend for helping me earn so much money.
Which payment processors can be used with JustBeenPaid?
There are 4 payment processors that  this program work with. After I made my research, I decided to use two of them:
  1. Solid Trust Pay – This is my favorite one. It accepts all credit cards and other payment methods like: wire transfer. and above all it has the lowest fees.
  2. Alert Pay – It’s JustBeenPaid’s first payment processor. It is very trustworthy, fast and support a numerous payment methods
 Payment proof from just been paid

These is a screen shot of an actual payment I got from JustBeenPaid. This screen shot proves that they are legit and paying.
How to earn the maximum amount of money using Just been paid?
This is a complicated program and it takes some time to learn the right money management. To earn the maximum you should follow the next steps:
  1. Invest at least 500 USD in Jss Tripler – It will give you 10 USD every day, 10 USD equals a position. This will guarantee you a fast growth.
  2. Invest any daily earnings you get in buying more Jss Tripler positions. after 50 days you will be able to withdraw your 500 USD back. And continue earning a lot of cash. Risk free.
  3. After 75 days you will start getting Jss positions for every 4 expired “Jss Tripler” positions. Every Jss position will earn you 60 USD. Jss will earn you another 150% of your investment.
  4. If you will reinvest your earnings in Jss Tripler, after 6 months, you will have 500 Jss Tripler positions that will worth 5000 USD. and you will own a lot more money in Jss positions.
 As a conclusion, There is NO JustBeenPaid scam! This program pays a lot of money to people and will continue paying until at least 2017! Jss Tripler can earn you 1000 percent of your money in only 6 months. Please don’t make the same mistake I did.  Start earning money right now, like I do.

Our users’ JustBeenPaid reviews

This is an amazing program and it Works!!!

May 28, 2012 by Larry D.

I joined in Jan.2012 and I am making $80.00 a day and growing. I am looking at $200 per day or more by the end of this year. This is the only program I have been in that promises what it says and delivers !
YOU will make MONEY with JBP and JSS Tripler, PERIOD !

love it

May 24, 2012 by Tiara

Just Been Paid is awesome. I started almost a year ago. I am doing great. I started with only 10 because I wasn\'t sure it was real. Now I am making almost 100 a day. The restart makes this different from other HIYP programs.

Some people think that justbeenpaid is scam

May 05, 2012 by covs67 @justbeenpaid is not a scam

This site really proves that justbeenpaid is no scam.keep it up!


May 03, 2012 by Gopal Rammurthy Seshasahai

I am from India. I have really failed in all my previous internet income making schemes. I was really disappointed either they scheme cheated me or crashed and shortlived. Just Been Paid is really trusted site for a good income. I have joined in Dec 2011 7 moreover I will be making money during end of 2012 & beginning of 2013 substantial income

Paid Daily is very Exciting!

Apr 29, 2012 by Robert

Seeing the money you make every day with Just Been Paid is very rewarding and EXCITING!!! An Alexa's top traffic ranked website in the world that everyone is making REAL money fast and easy!

Great program.

Apr 16, 2012 by Mark Morgan

Justbeenpaid is a great program that keeps paying constantly. I strongly suggest you join it and earn money with no effort.

A program that really pays.

Apr 09, 2012 by Julia
I was suspicious at first but i was paid a lot of money in the last months so it\'s definitely a great program.